Iliv @ Grange

Iliv @ Grange | Floor Plan | Price | Location

Iliv at Grange a high end condo at throwaway prices

Iliv @ Grange Condo

This is your chance to live your dream in terms of owning a high end condo in the heart of Singapore. The only thing you need to do is to rush and check out the condo at Iliv situated at Grange Road Singapore District 10. This is one residential complex which is a dream for any resident and is being offered at a very reasonable price. Almost 30 units are there within this complex that has been incorporated into a 16 floor structure. The standard of material and the layout of the condo is world class. The project was designed by Massimo Mercurio a name to reckon with in terms of designing luxurious and high end condos. Classy interiors and impeccable landscapes are the highlights of the residential units in Iliv @ Grange.

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Floor Plans ILiv @ Grange
Iliv @ Grange | Floor Plan | Price | Location You will be amazed to have a look at the
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Iliv @ Grange Price
Iliv @ Grange | Floor Plan | Price | Location A Two bedroom housing unit is going to cost one
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Location of Iliv @ Grange
Iliv @ Grange | Floor Plan | Price | Location Iliv @ Grange is located in district 10 of Singapore
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Iliv @ Grange
Iliv @ Grange | Floor Plan | Price | Location Iliv at Grange a high end condo at throwaway prices
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Clement Canopy Floor Plan

Clement Canopy | Floor Plan | Price | Location

Looks like the developers are working hard on the floor plans for Clement Canopy since the floor plans have not been released as yet. However the floor plan for Clement Canopy will be out anytime in near future ensuring that residents residing in this awesome location have a great place to stay. Apart from being spread on a sprawling land parcel this location boasts of the best shopping facilities in it surroundings. The developers have a knack to create floor plans which are the best in terms of family sizes and the lifestyle of people living in Singapore as is evident from the past projects they have undertaken within Singapore. Since Clement Canopy is located high above on the ground residents can have an unhindered view of the city from their residential units. Once the floor plans are out it would be evident that the developers mean business since the residential units are expected to be quite elegant and spacious. The good design and layout of the residential units will be such that the noise from the nearby expressway will be cut out to enable you to live in serenity and peace. A landscaping barrier to cut out the sound in on the cards which is another specialty of the developers.

Clementi Mall near Clement Canopy

The Clementi Mall will be one of the most favorite and preferred malls around Clement canopy for the residents. It has a Fairprrice, KFC and Subway for its patrons who wish to spend a day or the weekend in this mall. 321 Clementi is another new mall in the vicinity which has quite a few boutiques along with various other retail and shopping options. A fitness center in 321 Clementi will be an additional attraction for residents of Clement Canopy. Cityvibe, Westgate, Jurong Mall East and Jcube are additional attractions around Clement Canopy. With a 500 unit strong residential complex Clement Canopy coming up in the vicinity the area is going to witness a lot of developments in near future in terms of infrastructure and shopping options.

Clement Canopy Price

Clement Canopy | Floor Plan | Price | Location

The price range of Clement Canopy will be almost at par with the other housing complexes available in the vicinity. A comparison of the prices of properties in the vicinity has been shown to let you have an idea of what exactly to expect in terms of spending when deciding to buy a residential unit at Clement Canopy.

Price Clement Canopy

Although the developers have not shared any details about the pricing as yet. The quality of material and the kind of finish after the completion of Clement Canopy will make clear the pricing of various housing units available. This is one property where investment at this stage means high returns in future. Even if you are not keen to stay there own a clement canopy condo to make money on it by selling it at a higher price at a later stage. The strategic location of this condo near hospitals, schools, shopping complexes, transportation facilities and the area around it make it a much sought after property.

Floor Plan Three Balmoral

Three Balmoral is being touted as the pinnacle of luxury within the Singapore Residential market. Every apartment has an uninterrupted view of the scenery and lush greenery around. The floor plans have been laid by the best in the Singapore market which is evident from the fact that they have been able to make optimum use of the space available in each unit. One Bedroom units covering an area of about 614 square feet have ample of space with a balcony and a private lift to cater to the needs of the residents. The three bedroom units have quite a variety to offer in terms of area covered and the amenities offered. Three bedroom units with an area of 1528 sq ft and 1539 sq ft are on offer to residents. Apart from that three bedroom units with private swimming pools are being offered with a covered area of 1808 sq ft and 1819 sq ft. Penthouses the utmost luxurious ones will have been built here in Three Balmoral a two bedroom penthouse covers an area of 1249 sq ft. Wait did you know the three bedroom penthouse is also available with a private swimming pool with an area of 3757 sq ft and 3746 sq ft. Choosing a residential unit according to the floor plan will surely go a long way in assessing your needs and going with them.

Show Flat Three Balmoral | Location | Price | Floor Plan

Project Name Three Balmoral
Developer Priscious Pte Ltd
Address 3 Balmoral Road
Tenure Freehold
Number of units 40
Number of Car Park Lots 41
TOP 2016
Floor Plans one bedroom Three Balmoral
Floor Plans 3 bedroom Three Balmoral
Floor Plans bedroom Three Balmoral
Floor Plan 3 bedroom Three Balmoral
Floor Plan three bedroom Three Balmoral
Floor Plan Three Balmoral
Floor Plan Penthouse Three Balmoral