Floor plans Skyone @ Boxhill Melbourne

Annual growth of 6.5% in property price

Melbourne is becoming the second most favorite destination for builders and apartment residents after Sydney. The property prices in Box hill have seen a surge in the past few years due to improved transportation facilities and better shopping options available in the suburban region. Even if someone is planning not to stay in Skyone @ Boxhill and wants to purchase it as an investment option then this decision of yours will pay rich dividends in the future with property prices appreciating by almost 6.5% annually.

Only 10% Deposit to own one

Owning an Apartment in Skyone will not burn a hole in your pocket initially since you just need to pay 10% of the total amount. The rest of the money will be taken in easy installments as agreed with the buyer and the developers. Build your style statement and live in luxury in one of the most luxurious apartments in East Melbourne – Skyone @ Box Hill.

Skyone @ Box hill Level 5-6
Skyone @ Box hill Level-4
Skyone @ Box hill Level 7-13
Floor Plan Level 35 Skyone @ Box hill
Skyone @ Box hill Level 34
Skyone @ Box hill Level 33
Skyone @ Box Hill Level 32
Skyone @ Box hill Level 14-31

Location of Skyone @ Boxhill

Skyone @ Box hill Location

The prime location of this apartment complex makes it as one of the hottest properties in East Melbourne. Located at 545 Station Street Box Hill Vic 3128 makes it approachable from the Bus terminus, train station and the 109 Box Hill Tram. The location of Skyone is considered as the heart of the bustling Box Hill since it is located at the corner of Station Street and Carrington Road. Cafe’s and ships that form the lifeline and the shopping and bustling hub of Box Hill are in the neighborhood of Skyone Apartment complex.

Skyone @ Box hill Location map

Not only is the area complete with all amenities that would be required by potential residents, skyone has dedicated almost three levels to dining and luxury retail. An organic grocery, hair salon, cafes and bars will be coming up in these three levels to meet the needs of the people staying in the 440 apartments. This single apartment complex is comprehensive in meeting all the needs of its future inhabitants. Penthouse apartments are being planned at the 35th level. Residents will have access to residential lobby, private residential lounge and dining room. A centralized service consisting of lifts, fire stairs and a chute for garbage and recycling material will be available for all residents.

Enjoy magnificent view of Melbourne CBD Skyline

This is so far the tallest building in the area. Residents are presented a birds view of the whole area. With stunning view of the Dandenong ranges from the sky club with its stunning impeccable interiors this is surely going to make you feel on top of the world. Melbourne has come up with quite a few skyscrapers in the past few years and sitting in Skyone you can enjoy the magnificence of these tall structures along with your family.

Price of An apartment in Sky one @ box hill

Price of an apartment at Skyone

The prices are within the reach of people who value style and luxury and would like to live within this apartment complex along with their family or would like to make a purchase for investment purposes. The property prices in this area have seen a steady growth and are expected to rise at the rate of 6.5% annually. A 2 Bedroom 2 Balcony Apartment will cost anything between AUD 590,000 to AUD 601,000 depending upon the floor and view it presents to the inhabitants. A 2 Bedroom 2 Balcony apartment with a study will cost around AUD 643,000. A 2 Bedroom 2 Balcony apartment with a study and a car parking will cost AUD 776,000. A 3 Bedroom 2 Balcony with car parking will cost in the rage of AUD 922,000 to AUD 927,000. The prices are quite competitive considering the kind of quality and the view that is being presented to inhabitants by the developers.

The price of the apartments justifies the amenities that one is going to enjoy at Skyone. A swimming Pool that can be enjoyed by all residents, Spa & Sauna, Day Spa, Yoga Studio, Entertaining Room, Private Media Room, Mahjong Rooms, Outdoor Terrace and Sky Club form a part of the ultra luxury life style that one can enjoy after relocating their dwelling to Skyone. The sky club is a premium club membership to which will be limited to a select few residents.