Price of An apartment in Sky one @ box hill

Price of an apartment at Skyone

The prices are within the reach of people who value style and luxury and would like to live within this apartment complex along with their family or would like to make a purchase for investment purposes. The property prices in this area have seen a steady growth and are expected to rise at the rate of 6.5% annually. A 2 Bedroom 2 Balcony Apartment will cost anything between AUD 590,000 to AUD 601,000 depending upon the floor and view it presents to the inhabitants. A 2 Bedroom 2 Balcony apartment with a study will cost around AUD 643,000. A 2 Bedroom 2 Balcony apartment with a study and a car parking will cost AUD 776,000. A 3 Bedroom 2 Balcony with car parking will cost in the rage of AUD 922,000 to AUD 927,000. The prices are quite competitive considering the kind of quality and the view that is being presented to inhabitants by the developers.

The price of the apartments justifies the amenities that one is going to enjoy at Skyone. A swimming Pool that can be enjoyed by all residents, Spa & Sauna, Day Spa, Yoga Studio, Entertaining Room, Private Media Room, Mahjong Rooms, Outdoor Terrace and Sky Club form a part of the ultra luxury life style that one can enjoy after relocating their dwelling to Skyone. The sky club is a premium club membership to which will be limited to a select few residents.