Floor plans Skyone @ Boxhill Melbourne

Annual growth of 6.5% in property price

Melbourne is becoming the second most favorite destination for builders and apartment residents after Sydney. The property prices in Box hill have seen a surge in the past few years due to improved transportation facilities and better shopping options available in the suburban region. Even if someone is planning not to stay in Skyone @ Boxhill and wants to purchase it as an investment option then this decision of yours will pay rich dividends in the future with property prices appreciating by almost 6.5% annually.

Only 10% Deposit to own one

Owning an Apartment in Skyone will not burn a hole in your pocket initially since you just need to pay 10% of the total amount. The rest of the money will be taken in easy installments as agreed with the buyer and the developers. Build your style statement and live in luxury in one of the most luxurious apartments in East Melbourne – Skyone @ Box Hill.

Skyone @ Box hill Level 5-6
Skyone @ Box hill Level-4
Skyone @ Box hill Level 7-13
Floor Plan Level 35 Skyone @ Box hill
Skyone @ Box hill Level 34
Skyone @ Box hill Level 33
Skyone @ Box Hill Level 32
Skyone @ Box hill Level 14-31