Adana @ Thomson

Adana @ Thomson comprising 3 blocks of 5 storey with all the apartments interlinked, located at upper thomson road , the edge of Lower Peirce Reservoir and Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

Adana @ Thomson have a fantastic and remarkable green gardenscape that covers the entire rooftop of the development, interweaved with walkways, jogging track and BBQ areas, resembling a ‘corridor’ linking the Peirce Reservoir area to the Thomson area. The culinary garden is strategically located near the BBQ area encourages community bonding and involvement. Residents can also propagate herbs, vegetables and even spices organically.

Adana @ Thomson is a LEAF-Certified by national park. Leaf meaning Lanscape, Excellence, Assessment Framework.The architectural ingenuity frees up more space for lush landscape and lifestyle.

Adana seeks to inspire a healthy outdoor lifestyle that brings its residents closer to nature. Only 150m away from the reservoir, located near the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. All 74 apartments are also carefully angled to ensure the spectacular views of the surroundings.

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Adana @ Thomson

Freehold residential development with communal facilities
Develoepr: Fortune Properties Pte Ltd
Address:8-12 Old upper Thomson Road,District 12, Singapore.
Unit Mixed: 74 units
No of blocks: 3
TOP: Dec 2019

Unit Mix:
2-bedroom- 560 sft (25 units)
3-bedroom compact -721 sft (20 units)
3-bedroom – 872 sft ( 20 units)
3-bedroom + Utility- 947 sft (5 units)
4-bedroom- 1152 sft (4 units)
Total: 74 units

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